Gicherstampa is a leading company in the labelling industry.
Since 1977 we have partnered with major brands.

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About us

Since 1977 we strive to ensure the best for our customers.

Gicher Stampa quality


Each project begins with the care of the client, who is actively involved in the graphic choices as a true contributor.
After having clearly defined the objectives, the client is advised and supported in every phase of the work with a professional advice that can meet every need.


The procedures that are used to setup the machine are fundamental for a good final output and a quality result.
Thanks to the latest technologies, web presses and a good mix between digital and offset printing, each project is coordinated to the best through an efficient and controlled process.


The most peculiar processes – such as flexographic printing on eye-catching irregular shapes, lithographic printing with very fine screening and refined screen printing – ensure a precious and unique result.
Among the types of special printing are labeling, flexible packaging, braille and flexible materials processing.
(such as sleeves, pvc, and special braille printing).


After the product has been printed, die cutting is performed to cut and shape, creasing is used to create defined folds and prevent the paper from breaking with folding and subsequent use.

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